Friday, November 12, 2010

Silent Robber

A communicator with eyes that speak
entrance to the mind that knows
Tell me I love you with your look
I know when I hurt you with one glance
Speaking eyes never to lose
talking with you for life
silenced sudden for all time
Why do they look now without a word
clear and blank, silent and dead
resting in a container that breathes
Where are the words I seek

The mind robber stalks in silence
his victims many, any, all
coming to rob your present thoughts,
your past he soon desires
Your future blank, living dark in light
robbed of your eyes that speak
your thoughts your words your living life
He lets you keep a living shell
no words no thoughts no life to share
Waiting for the flesh to go
to meet the eyes that speak

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

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