Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Winter Three

 Image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev /
Their feet were starting to freeze as they trudged through the deep snow on the frosty cold night.  The three of them had traveled in the freezing weather without sleep for several nights.  Mayi seemed to be the only one the cold was not bothering, but after all he was a polar bear.

Toby, the big grizzly was the oldest of the group.  He kept an eye on, and dispensed the discipline to Joho, the little black bear.  Joho had an over abundance of energy and kept running ahead of the other two mature bears.

The three bears met on the road as each had a purpose, a trip that they knew they must take but none knew why.  Each had a skill and intelligence to survive, which they carried with them.  Mayi was the biggest and helped carry food, he carried winter berries and nuts for the other two to eat. Toby had firewood. He was a practical bear and he knew the winter weather could got cold.  Little Joho was a skilled fisherman and could always catch enough fish to feed them all.

They continued to trudge along.  At sunrise they found empty caves to rest in and huddle together to keep warm in the frigid cold.  At sunset they were off again on their quest, still not knowing where they were going, or why.

Along the way Mayi would gather more nuts and berries.  Toby collected all the dry wood he found in the villages they passed through. Little Joho caught more fish than the trio could possibly eat.  The loads they carried slowed them down somewhat, and Joho’s friskiness got them off the path at times. Still they kept going. 

After weeks of travel, one frightfully cold night, they found the light at a cave in the side of a hill.  The trio moved cautiously toward the opening, for they sensed the cave was occupied.  Toby was the first to peek into the cave. apprehensive of what he may find; but curiosity drove him to look.  Joho was close behind, hiding his face in the warm fur of Toby’s back.  Mayi stood back watching guard, he felt that something was not natural. 

Inside there was a very small fire in the corner of the cave. Toby opened his eyes wide to see in the dull light.  Focusing he could see some forms near the fire.  Moving into the cave a little more he could see the forms were a  man and woman.  Suddenly he heard the cries of newborn baby.  Startled, he realized that in the dim cold cave a family lived.  It seemed to him that they were poor, for the little baby was covered with straw as it lay in the livestock-feeding bin.    The family looked rather cold and hungry.  Yet they seemed to show contentment unlike anything Toby had ever seen on a human face before.

When they reached the family, the father stepped aside and the mother held the baby for them to see.  The bears we astonished as they looked at the beautiful baby boy.  The baby seemed to be too wise to be a newborn babe.   He smiled and nodded, with a look of knowledge, at the three bears. The same radiant glow came from his face, maybe even a little brighter.  The bears felt a warmth surge through their big furry bodies, unlike any they had felt before.  The other two bears slowly crept into the cave, and stopped in astonishment at the sight before them.  The bears thought something seemed curious about this family.  The mother saw the three bears and smiled.  There seemed to be a glow radiating from her beautiful face and the bears felt at ease.  The new mother then nodded to the three and motioned for them to come closer.  They moved slowly into the center of the cave, each still carrying their load. The ‘wreath’ Mayi carried around his big neck was loaded heavy with bright juicy winter berries and huge woody nuts.  The load of wood on Toby’s back was so big and heavy he walked bent over. Joho held in his mouth a vine that tied together an abundance of fish he had caught during the trip, this dragged behind him.  All three bears then moved down to the ground on their big bear knees, then bowed there heads at the baby.The bears actually turned the corners of their mouths up in a smile. Little bear growls came out from deep in their throats as if they were singing or praying.  Mayi was the first to stand up. He shook his body and slid the wreath off over his head in front of the family.  Joho followed with his stringer of fish. Toby immediately started putting wood on the fire until there was a golden glow.

The father gave them a thankful look and gathered up the food.  The baby snuggled down in the straw, closing his eyes in the new warmth of the cave. The father and mother then ate the fish for dinner and enjoyed the sweet juicy berries and hearty nuts for dessert.

The three bears stood back in a corner of the cave later that night. They watched as shepherds and village folk came in to see the family.  These visitors also knelt down before the baby boy. Everyone seemed to have the same look of contentment on their face as they left the cave. 

When the evening settled down the bears snuggled together in the warm cave to sleep.  Maybe, they thought, they found the purpose of their quest.  Maybe the meeting on the path was no accident as each was drawn on a mission he did not understand.  And that star in the sky, it just could have guided them here to help out this young family.
For the first time, Mayi, Toby, and Joho felt completely happy and full of joy. This was a special adventure for them. The three bears snuggled together. They drifted off to sleep that night to the sound of joyous singing outside the cave.


Three bears in the cold travel through the night
Answering a call they know not from where
Searching for something knowing not what

Meeting on the road to travel together
Following a path traveled not before
Keeping close together knowing not why

Each has talents born within him
Warmth - food - intelligence
Holding their treasures knowing not for whom

Having instinct to guide them
Their hearts filled with joy
Following the path knowing not where

Finding the star guiding them on
Surrendering their treasures with hearts full of joy
Contentment they now know


Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Poet

I look for courage that I need
To pour my words out on the page
So much emotion builds inside me
I must find courage to fill this page

The words I seek some days evade me
With feelings growing strong inside me
Still I struggle with words and rhymes
My pen has yet to lead the way

When courage comes and thoughts are easy
And flowing fast and sure some day
I will see and then can say it
Today I know I am a Poet

Ó 2012 Eileen A Partak