Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flower Bed

Enter my world
I am the master gardener
Nurturing the seedlings
Helping each bud burst to bloom

I will share my flower with you
Before it wilts and dies
Holding the perfect flower
Enjoying the fragrance together

Gently touch it before it fades
Drink in the beauty while it is here
Don’t look for it when it is gone
Perfect flowers must move on

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

October Seduction

The tender seductive fingers of October
My once a year time to surrender my fears
where my mind is at peace with all

The brilliance of the month makes me blind
All I see is the love and splendor before me
hypnotizing mind… soul … body

I live the year to be embraced in the wonder of this autumn month
The erotic magic of October
the only month I let seduce every inch of me

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

Friday, November 12, 2010

Moving On

The train viaduct cracked before we walked under it
It never does that - there were moving parts I had never seen before
Not sure what was going on above us
We went ahead anyway trembling just a little
Came out on the other side but things still did not seem right
Our daughter was still on the other side with her friend
I wanted her to come to me but was so afraid for her to walk under the viaduct

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

Hidden Damage

I have a split in my thumbnail
It never goes away
So I never can grow my nail
My manicurist says it was damage deep below
What ever that means

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

Aging vs. Maturing

You say you can’t stay out late any more
or eat those sliders at 1 a.m.
Dragging through work the next day
antacids your main meal
You count the gray hairs on your head
I’m getting old you say
can’t do things the same
Don’t understand the young kids
they have a different work ethic
I tell you that I am mature
old sounds like a nasty word to me
But if you say you are old
what does that make me…
My dear son

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

Stored in a Box

Life starts slowly with a dream
Walking with a thought then running top speed
Set on a goal finding detours on the way
Sent through a door not planned

Pictures and music
Rings and wine glasses
Plans that were substantial
Shattered to dust now inconsequential

Life that seemed real
Dreams frozen in time
Now never to live
Stored in a box on a shelf

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

Life Ambition

A blank canvas
waiting for a masterpiece?
…or a board forever blank? 

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

Silent Robber

A communicator with eyes that speak
entrance to the mind that knows
Tell me I love you with your look
I know when I hurt you with one glance
Speaking eyes never to lose
talking with you for life
silenced sudden for all time
Why do they look now without a word
clear and blank, silent and dead
resting in a container that breathes
Where are the words I seek

The mind robber stalks in silence
his victims many, any, all
coming to rob your present thoughts,
your past he soon desires
Your future blank, living dark in light
robbed of your eyes that speak
your thoughts your words your living life
He lets you keep a living shell
no words no thoughts no life to share
Waiting for the flesh to go
to meet the eyes that speak

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

Morning Thunder

Thunder in the distance
Rumbling deep and loud
Breaking morning silence

Shadowy cloaks embrace the yard
Birds soundless in the trees
Deer huddle in the woods

Organic breeze meanders through the room
Mind drifts with no thought
Body lifeless still in slumber

Blanket tight to protect
Nestled deep in bed
Safe like mother's womb

Rain falling unhurried and unbroken
God's refreshment to the earth
Morning thunder starts the day

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

Only Yesterday

Where have my babies gone?
they were here only yesterday
Feeling softness as I touched their tender pink skin
inhaling the fragrance of their innocence
sensing their need as they suckled my breasts
I took them to school their little hands trembling in mine
as I encouraged them to conquer the world
Once I stood beside them every step of the way
now I only watch and lead no more
They moved to homes of their own
into lovers arms to share the world they created
I miss the babies crying for me
my breasts now void of life
I crave those eyes of wonder requesting knowledge I could give
Now they are friends who remember those days
who touch me with tenderness and thank me for life
Where have my babies gone?
they were here only yesterday

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

Who is this Woman

I see her everyday with silver hair and wrinkles circling her eyes
Everyday smiling at me peering deep inside of me with a look that she knows my heart and soul
I cannot hide secrets from her she smiles a knowing smile - she does know all
Who is she this woman with the sag in her jowl the loose skin on her neck
She looks at me some days with sadness in her eyes
She knows something is lost - something I am not sure what
I think she knows a path I must take - but I try not to listen
Let me live as I have - but I think that I can’t
Who is this woman I think I must follow
Must I listen to her - watch her live - watch her grow old
Do I learn from this woman who shows me the past who lives in my present who points to my fears
I want to turn from her run away from her wipe her from my mind bury every thought of her
But she is there every day I cannot leave her
she will always be there
looking back from the mirror at me

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

The Kitten and the Mouse

I love you want you need you
Said the kitten to the mouse
What an unlikely couple
But what do you do with a heart
They seem to have minds of their own
Let them go
Let them be
They know what they want
They find where they should be
The kitten and the mouse
How strange to everyone
How right to the kitten and the mouse.

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

The Truth About the Cat

I had a cat when I was four
black with white socks
I named him Midnight. 
The poor boy he never came into the house
he ate mice and dog food
For a treat he downed a rabbit
with the neighborhood cats
they feasted in our garage. 
I was told he was my cat
but I found out why he came
not to be my pet and companion
but because we had mice.  
Our house was full of mice
Dad stepped on a mouse one night in the dark
in the kitchen
getting a glass of milk
Midnight wasn’t a pet after all 
he was a mousetrap.

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

Another Try

The miracle of life it seems will never leave us wanting
we always have another day to make our life worth living.

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak

Golden God Rays

Image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev/

Cool morning air with diamond clear dew kissing blades of grass

Rabbits hopping joyfully on the glistening turf playing peek-a-boo in their meadowland retreat

Mourning doves cooing as they sing love songs to mates across the pastureland

 The gravel crunching a stone symphony with each footstep on the downhill path

The golden sun perched high on a throne sculpted from ribbons of clouds

Light streaming off the face of old Sol to nourish the terrain below

The crispness of air the brightness of light embraces my body with life

A smile etched on my face knowing that love is around me

Down the path I move as love fills my heart - fills my soul - and makes me whole

I open my eyes to see and not just look today

These are the God rays to cradle and warm me

Golden rays to protect me and give me the strength to love

Knowledge received from somewhere beyond has shined on me today

I now understand that life is a gift shown in simple ways.

Copyright © 2010 Eileen A Partak