Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seeing Again

I begin this morning
Ready for the labors of my day
Crisp cool air – golden sun
His morning smile I have ignored for so long
Today he greets me with joy - memories of our past
I see the birds hurry in the sky - off to their bird duties
Singing morning verse thanking the maker for life
Off I go also to live the happiness of this gift
A day I am now glad to be part of
The sun and birds reminding me of the glory

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Broken Sleep

Darkness all around
Sleep no longer my companion
A noise in my room
Wondering if I am alone
But of course no one else wakes at this hour

Then the sound of a bird
One single chirp – silence
Did this one little bird have the same fight with sleep

Roll over once more and resist the urge to open my eyes
Again – the bird – he still tries to break the silent darkness
A single note – then a small tune
Followed by a new note from the next yard
A duet in the darkness

My struggle to keep sleep with me is now lost
The birds let me know a new day begins
One to fulfill my desires