Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yes to Writing - Again

What a beautiful morning!

All ready to write now after attending the AWP Conference last week in Chicago. Was a great conference. I attended 16 lectures in 3 days - getting up at 5:30 to catch the train - not taking time to eat - getting home late - I was so tired - wow!! Was that a great time - but I am kind of weird with the way I have fun. The highlight was meeting Jenna Blum author of "Those Who Save Us" one of my favorite books - have to read that one again. I am encouraged - again - that I am not failing as a writer - what I am doing is right for me and to just keep moving along with it.

You may have noticed my blog has been "asleep" for awhile - that is about to change - also the look and content. The words - the stories in my mind are such a part of me - they need to come out. I have been hesitant to let them go free for some time now - I have no idea why.  Writing can be depressing - challenging - invigorating - I will not give it up. Yes to writing - it is a part of me.

Now to balance all things in life - go forth and experience those events - be happy!