Friday, November 30, 2012

Inside Myself

Image courtesy of stockimages / By papaija2008
I keep myself in darkness
     to hold the warmth
        inside me

I fear
     to leave the womb
         will be too much to                    bear

I seek the quiet within myself
           to ponder where to go

                                                                                           never facing light
                                                                                                   never will I grow

                                                                                                                 Ó 2012 Eileen A Partak

Thursday, November 29, 2012

House Sold - Life Goes On

Vacant house the essence of old life floating in each room

Smiling faces perched in dusty frames frozen in time

Forced visions of not who they were or could have been in life

But just an artist's concept of whom he thought they should be

Looking from afar not allowed to view this space once more

These faces soon erased for others not to know of them

Not to know the pain or joy that filled this house for a time

The essence of the new will fill each room - Life will go on

Ó 2012 Eileen A Partak

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Meadow Painting

Image courtesy of franky242  /  

The picture I painted. It is perfect. It is vibrant and cheerful. I move into it to watch and live the scene.

A little girl, with soft, bouncy, brown curls, runs in the meadow picking brightly colored wildflowers. Not a care in the world as she takes the child size bouquet to her mother who sits under the shade of the oak tree.

They have lemonade, and butter cookies, and laugh together, and smile at each other with love, as each conveys a story. They watch the butterflies move vigorously from one beautiful flower to the next, consuming the luscious sweet nectar. Mother closes her eyes. She listens to the sweet music of Daughter's laughter as she plays with a kitten in the tall, soft, grass. The warm yellow sun embraces them all.

A warm breeze blows over Mother’s face and revives her from her trance.  She rises from the lawn chair and slowly places the white straw hat on her head.  She moves across the meadow. The wind is stronger now. Her pale yellow dress is blown out behind her, floating above the ground. Daughter cries out, Mama please don't leave me, but Mother continues on, not listening to Daughter’s cries. She ignores her and continues walking.

Daughter runs after Mother. The wind is too strong for her little body to move, she is tossed to the ground. She continues to cry out, until Mother’s form fades from her sight, forever. 

Wind picks up, sun disappears, and a sheet of rain erupts from a broken dam embedded in dark boiling clouds. Meadow and Daughter are drenched…

The colors of my painting start to run together. They blend into bleak chaos. My painting, not of oil, but watercolor, is washed away.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Learning from the Humming Bird

Image courtesy of dea go /
I am hopeful today
The world lives and so do I
The sky is beautiful
clear blue without a blemish
Young willows by the stream
A breeze captures their flowing branches
like the long silken hair of maidens
playing in the summer morn
I question if all life feels the way I do
Does it all look in awe at the beauty around?
appreciate and embrace this gift of life
we receive each day
Then I notice a humming bird
suspended in air
watching me
His wings move fast
as the blades of a fan
Tiny but strong staying in that one spot
with no effort at all
I turn from his stare
My attention to the blue sky once more
A high-pitched chatter fills the air
The humming bird is calling me
He moves closer still
with his chatter directed at me
I hear his wings vibrate
He still calls to me
We take a moment to look at each other
He in his world
Me in mine
But at that moment we realize
we live in the same world
Then in a blink of an eye
off he flew
He back to his part of the world
Me back to mine
I am hopeful today
the world lives and so do I
and pleased to know
All life embraces this beautiful gift

Ó 2012 Eileen A Partak

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

House For Sale

Glowing sign erases the past
Bright flowers will smile in the sun
The house looks cheerful today
Someone can start with it new

Keeping the things that are yours
Destroying the things that are not
Keep them away from the owner
Her memories now in the dark

Ó 2012 Eileen A Partak

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted

I voted today. I'm glad to live in a country where I have the right to vote.  I will also be glad to see all the campaigning, or should I call it, mud slinging come to an end. I have no problem with a person having a passionate heart for their candidate. I have no problem listen to the the reasons why a candidate should have one of these important positions in our nation. I believe in government. But what I do have a problem with are the disrespectful words and feelings. I have flash backs of the grade school playground each time I hear the immature, petty name calling. But, that is another reason it is so wonderful to live in this country. Being Americans we have the right to speak our feelings, no matter what they are, even opinions about our leaders.  So today, I hope everyone exercises this wonderful privilege the founders of our nation gave us. Don't forget our grandmothers who fought with a strong voice for the right of all women to vote.

In any game, someone wins, someone loses. So remember, when this game is over tomorrow, and we know who won, please all of us, respect the office. If we want other nations to respect us - if we want to make it difficult for those who hate our country to harm us - let us show them we are strong.

We all can stand together as one.

I am glad that I can say...

 I voted today!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Time Change

Picture - Andy Partak Imagery  

Cool and warm
The sun is low
An inviting look

Early fall
I love the change
Time is different

Come to me
The creative soul
I cry out to you

Ó 2012 Eileen A Partak

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sleep Time

Cool weather makes me sleepy
I must leave my comfort zone soon
Under the blanket soft and warm
My mornings don't start until noon

Though I try very hard each day
To not let my day be a wreck
Comfort I find in this weekend
Since it's time to turn the clock back

Ó 2012 Eileen A Partak

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev /  

No matter how cloudy the day

I know how to perk up my spirits

Take a walk past the sunflowers

gentle giants of my garden

Bright happy faces always smile

no matter the day

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Darkness in the shed
small and crowded
with me alone
                               my private place for relief

Ó 2012 Eileen A Partak