Thursday, November 8, 2012

Learning from the Humming Bird

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I am hopeful today
The world lives and so do I
The sky is beautiful
clear blue without a blemish
Young willows by the stream
A breeze captures their flowing branches
like the long silken hair of maidens
playing in the summer morn
I question if all life feels the way I do
Does it all look in awe at the beauty around?
appreciate and embrace this gift of life
we receive each day
Then I notice a humming bird
suspended in air
watching me
His wings move fast
as the blades of a fan
Tiny but strong staying in that one spot
with no effort at all
I turn from his stare
My attention to the blue sky once more
A high-pitched chatter fills the air
The humming bird is calling me
He moves closer still
with his chatter directed at me
I hear his wings vibrate
He still calls to me
We take a moment to look at each other
He in his world
Me in mine
But at that moment we realize
we live in the same world
Then in a blink of an eye
off he flew
He back to his part of the world
Me back to mine
I am hopeful today
the world lives and so do I
and pleased to know
All life embraces this beautiful gift

Ó 2012 Eileen A Partak

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