Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted

I voted today. I'm glad to live in a country where I have the right to vote.  I will also be glad to see all the campaigning, or should I call it, mud slinging come to an end. I have no problem with a person having a passionate heart for their candidate. I have no problem listen to the the reasons why a candidate should have one of these important positions in our nation. I believe in government. But what I do have a problem with are the disrespectful words and feelings. I have flash backs of the grade school playground each time I hear the immature, petty name calling. But, that is another reason it is so wonderful to live in this country. Being Americans we have the right to speak our feelings, no matter what they are, even opinions about our leaders.  So today, I hope everyone exercises this wonderful privilege the founders of our nation gave us. Don't forget our grandmothers who fought with a strong voice for the right of all women to vote.

In any game, someone wins, someone loses. So remember, when this game is over tomorrow, and we know who won, please all of us, respect the office. If we want other nations to respect us - if we want to make it difficult for those who hate our country to harm us - let us show them we are strong.

We all can stand together as one.

I am glad that I can say...

 I voted today!

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