Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Eternal Ballerina

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Ballet was her only passion in life
Then he entered one cold autumn night
In the front row eyes fixed only on her

Back stage that night he came to meet her
As love fluttered inside both of their hearts
Now a new passion came to her life

Every night he came to watch her dance
While no other she saw in the room
Her performance on stage only for him

He asked for her to love only him
Love for him only was all she desired
Together forever they would dance

Late one October night he was to meet
In the parlor to take her away
There she waited ready to give him her heart

Hours soon passed as pain grew in her heart
Where was he at this night so important?
Dancing she would until they could meet

She danced and danced on that Halloween Eve
Soft music filling the room all night
Patiently she waited for her only love

Tonight she watches for that one love
Hoping he will show up for her this time
As she waits for him to take her away
Every year on Halloween Eve

© Copyright 2013   Eileen A Partak

                                                                               video courtesy of Andy Partak Imagery 

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