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Captured Fire - Part 5

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This is the Fifth
installment of the 
short story 
Captured Fire

This story is the story of a nine-year-old boy, Robbie,who enters a magical world where he learns about the meaning of life, friendship, and respect for others.

This installment is the book Robbie must read.

“Legend of Promise”

Many years ago a flower fairy was promised in marriage to a firefly prince. The fairies had special powers and so did the fireflies.  A marriage between the two species would merge their magic and make them much stronger in facing the hardships of life.

Ninnea was not the typical flower fairy. She was always looking for adventures and wandered off many times. One day as she wandered far from the woods of oak, which was the boundary for young flower fairies, a young human named Arthur captured her.  He kept her for several weeks treating her with respect and kindness.  During this time she could not help falling in love with him because of his kind heart.  One day he let her go back to her land, for he thought it was not right to keep her away from her home where her family must be very worried.

Ninnea never forgot him and his kind heart. On the eve of her marriage to the firefly prince she tried to run away back to the young man who captured her heart.  The king’s guard caught her as she tried to leave the forest and brought her before the king and the prince. She told her intended she could not marry him and that she wanted to return to the land above to find her true love.

The prince was furious wondering how she could talk to, let alone love, a Land-one.  For centuries the Land-ones had tortured and killed the fireflies. He told her that if she left all the magic powers she had would disappear and those of the firefly kingdom. Marriages between the fireflies and fairies would no longer be permitted.    Ninnea did not care, for the love in her heart for Arthur was deep and true, much stronger than her desire for magical powers, and her mind too clouded with love to consider what it would do to the fireflies. The king finally granted her request, but told her that the first male offspring born to her family must be surrendered to them. He would be kindhearted and help them spread the word of love and respect for life. He could return to his own land only if he proved worthy of his purpose, if not he would become a firefly forever. At this time the firefly kingdom would regain their magic and the two groups could once again marry.

Ninnea promised and was let go to find her true love and become a Land-one.  She was made human size and left at the grove of oak trees, alone and frightened hoping that Arthur would soon find her.  He found her that afternoon and was so happy to see that she had returned to him. Later that year they were married and built a little house at the edge of the oak forest.  The next year they had a baby.  Ninnea and Arthur had five more children, all girls, not one boy.  Ninnea felt sad that the promised one would never come to save the land where she grew up.  She feared her old home, family, and friends would die and be forever forgotten because of her selfishness.

Arthur knew the story of how she was released to come find him and the promise she had made to the king and prince.  He comforted her by saying it would happen someday, if not a male born to them to serve the purpose, it would be the son of one of their daughters or one of her children or their children.  But an offspring of theirs would some day be the promised one to fulfill the purpose and enlighten the human race to respect all life no matter what form it took.

Ninnea and Arthur never had a son, but loved all their daughters and taught them to respect life.   Their daughters and the daughters of their daughters never had a son, but all passed on the story of Ninnea and the promise to give a male offspring to the fireflies in order to save their world.

Robbie finished the story right at the stroke of ten moons.  He laid down in the bed and wondered what this story had to do with him.   King Huron and Rosella told him he would know his purpose soon. That night he dreamed of fairies, fireflies, Ninnea and Arthur and all their daughters.  Nana Peters was also in his dream, at least he thought it was Nana, only she was young and beautiful and looked like a fairy


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