Saturday, August 6, 2011

End of the Lane

My heart has longing and feels pain
I feel energy waiting for me
Searching to find my fulfillment somehow
I move toward a shadow at the end of the lane

Forward I cautiously move toward the form
Hoping for something or someone for me
Finding a man standing tall and still
A smile on his face soon makes me feel warm

Desire in his eyes tells me this is right
Heat of our lust calls out to me
A canopy of stars embraces our tryst
Illuminating our bodies bright

Once in an embrace the world fades away
Nothing but passion is waiting for me
Logic to fly from my head on this night
Kisses and Love is all that will stay

I find a lover at the end of the lane
To satisfy the passion growing in me
Warming my body in shadows of night
My heart feels love instead pain