Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Searching Perfection

Moving daily through a dull life I knew there was something better – perfection was out there somewhere and I knew I needed to find it. One day I looked in the distance at a hill. The sun shone brighter the grass greener and the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen covered the land. I knew the happiness and perfection I sought existed in that place.  I left for the hill – I struggled to get to my destination.  My eyes stayed focused on the majestic flowers the ever-bright sun knowing life would be much better on that beautiful hill.  After a very long journey I finally reached the spot I so longed to be. I settle into my life of perfection – the life I had dreamed of having – now mine to live forever.

After several months in my panacea a cloud moved in and covered the golden sun - a cold wind destroyed the flowers – torrential rains drenched my body.  How did this happen to my perfect place? In desperation I looked to the horizon and saw a meadow in the distance filled with more flowers and more color than I ever imagined the world could hold making what I thought this hill held seem dull and lifeless – that must be the perfection I searched to own.

I left the hill and worked my way to that wondrous land. The trip was long – harder than my previous trek to the hill had been. I reached the meadow; I knew this was the place that held the perfection I deserved. I searched so long and had seen it in my minds eye so many times I recognized this place, this is where I should be. 

Reaching the perfect life is beyond description.  To live forever in contentment; I now knew what that meant.  Perfection isn’t handed to us we have to work hard to find it and I had worked to get here. I had tried many other times with no reward; this time worry and hardship were now behind me. Happiness to the end of time was all my future held. Exploring this world finding love, beauty, and happiness would be my only occupation. 

Again I lived for several months in my perfect place. Suddenly darkness, wind and rain came just as before.  How could my perfect world again turn so dark?  I looked back at the hill from where I came – the sun shone the flowers stood tall. I then realized this beautiful meadow wasn’t new - it was where I started.  I learned there is no perfection in this world; the sunny days and cloudy days are there no matter where we are, if life is dull it is only our perception of it at that moment. Looking beyond ourselves is not the answer - perfection is within each of us in how we make up our minds to accept the life we are given.

© 2011 Eileen A Partak

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